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About Nobernor

There is nothing more frustrating for citizens like ineffective government, government institutions and agencies. No amount of politicking, campaigning and words can compensate for good and effective delivery of government responsibilities. Quite simply, the only reason people want government is to deliver on what’s important to them which no one else other than the government can. Government who see themselves as service providers to their citizens have the greatest chances of success and legacy. 


Unfortunately, governments especially in the developing world are anything but effective in the delivery of any service to their constituents. Communications infrastructure are not set up, don’t work or no one cares to use them. Time is never kept for anything from refuse disposal to issuing of important documents. The pace of technological updates in governance is slower than a tortoise climbing a mountain. Financial monitoring technologies are not in place giving room for excess corruption and data is either non-existent or not used meaning the government for the most part don’t know anything about who they are governing.

Norbernor is a Development Channel company that is dedicated to helping governments all over the world build strong governance infrastructure that helps them meet the needs of their citizens in a timely, innovative and cost effective manner. We leverage on deep strategic insights, knowledge of best practises in countless countries as well as huge investments in technology applications to make governments serve and secure last- ing legacies.